I Got Away Today (Gilded Hills)

I wandered as I made my way North

Found some gilded hills, and a smile

And it was all made just for me


I didn’t plan a step as I moved forth

Found the best was waiting all the while

To welcome and to set me free


I sit alone, the way I walked the course

And this, by design

For my head to clear


I haven’t shame, I haven’t remorse

For a moment, it was all mine

Me, and the One who holds me most near


I said, “Father, Father…”

And said no more

Then my heart burst


“It was no burden, it was no bother…”

He said, and waited for

Me to make Him first


So I made a promise

That I would search

Like it was all a grand treasure


So He let me see this

From atop my perch

To give me this grand pleasure


And I usually don’t talk like this

Out here, in the open

But why shouldn’t I?


This… this… this sense of bliss

My tongue is frozen

Why should it all be mine?


I did nothing to earn

These gilded hills

Nor did you, I guarantee


But I can discern

It all fills

The hearts of you and me


Today, I ran away

To gain distance

From all the fuss


You should do the same

When you get a chance

He made it all for us.


He made it for you.


-Jeremiah 29:13

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