Lose It All

I’m so accustomed

to screaming convictions

but now, I’ve lost my voice

I’m looking for someone

or some other problem

to remind me I have a choice


Now, from this box I’m in

I begin to begin to begin


I’m begging you

if you’ve got a clue

reveal the secret truth

If I’m going through

what children do

I’ll stay here waiting for you


From my blue heart

I start to start to start


Turn your head when I scream

Believe in fairytales for me

I don’t believe in how we breathe

Surrounded by beauties and beasts

Remind me that my heart beats

Remind me I can be free

Let me speak in soliloquys

Just listen as I say my piece


This apparition

Loves on conditions

Until I give up the ghost

And her fear of dying

Requires a knighting

Of my doubts and my lowest lows


I can only walk if I decide to fall

I’ll only fall if there’s a chance I’ll lose it all

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