Thank You, Daily Post

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Daily Post for being the springboard for my blog, my emotional health, and my fire as a writer. You will be missed, you have done very well. Thank you.

The Versatile Blogger Award… WHAT?!?

It truly is an honor to be recognized by another writer, especially during a period of significant inactivity. Thank you so much GaillovesGod for this award. It is a blessing, and may just be the spark I needed to get me going again.

Strangest Piece of You

But now I’m here, sipping the dew//Ambrosia-drink and treacle-stew//Buried in my eminent dole//All I ask is if you pass through//Share the strangest piece of you

An Adventure Contemplated

And so, my pulse slowed, fever abated, fingers went numb. Yet there is still a touch of blush in my pale cheeks and blue lips. There is still a glint of the blinding sunrise scintillating in my eye.

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Ponderings of a Probation Officer

The tales of juvenile probation are sometimes splendid and sometimes melancholy. This is where I have decided to dump/cope with my reflections.

T. Shaw

She writes what she speaks.