I, like many before me, perhaps all before me, am a confused young person trying to find my way through life. Music and writing offer me one constant in life through which I can express and create myself however I see fit.

I have a degree in mechanical engineering, desire nothing more than to be a performing musician, have ambitions of writing several novels and owning several businesses, and I am neither old enough to feel it necessary to settle down just yet nor young enough to be entirely reckless. People on both sides of the aisle tell me I could do one or both. I’d rather be moving around a lot, living a “different” lifestyle (whatever that means), making friends and living tales I can tell later on in life. You know, the kinds that make you grin ear-to-ear and blush a little.

I chose the name “December Rose” after the quote from J. M. Barrie, the author of Peter Pan, “God gave us memory so we could have roses in December.” I want to be someone who helps people make memories and share a few of mine along the way. It is why I write music and stories. I hope someday, people will imagine themselves going to one of my many dream worlds as they do Wonderland or Neverland. I want to be a memory and help make memories.

If anyone knows which puzzle I, the confused puzzle piece, belong in, please feel free to message me and tell me, because I cannot figure it out for the life of me. I’m also a fairly new writer, so any constructive criticism is welcome. Non-constructive criticism is welcome, too, but I can’t imagine I’d listen to you unless you communicate it in a way that is palatable.

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