Now I'm heartsick // hoping beyond hope that you can feel this // dreaming about the taste of your scarlet lipstick // soft, sweet kisses... oh, I've missed it // the chance to be your everything

Strangest Piece of You

But now I’m here, sipping the dew//Ambrosia-drink and treacle-stew//Buried in my eminent dole//All I ask is if you pass through//Share the strangest piece of you

Music Box Me

Fin'lly stopped, I silently rest//Gears red hot from the grind//All pulled apart, cleaned, oiled, and dressed//Refurbished by design

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Make Me Brave

A powerful tool. Why does it seem we're all, carelessly, pointing guns at each other like fools.

Conor Walsh Music

Minimalist piano and electro acoustic composer

Maddie DeVaughn Has A Blog

She is clothed in dad jokes and mustard yellow

Mistakes & Adventures

What I've always wanted