House of Cards

When you wear your heart on your sleeve

You build your walls paper thin

I swear that doesn’t make you weak

Vulnerable is a heavy weight to begin


So why would you layer façade

Made of wood, gasoline, and gin

Someone will come to maraud

You’ll be burned down by the arson


So come to the world as you are

No sense in making us believe

You’ll survive the storm in a house of cards

Everyone dies… Just wear your heart on your sleeve


I misread my WP app and thought today’s prompt was Superficial, so I started writing before I got to the computer, and discovered my mistake when I checked The Daily Post prompts. I guess that makes this post twice as applicable…

The Decadence of Paroxysm

What has one got in an ember

Without a flame, one cannot see

Foreboding winds fill November

But it is not a winter freeze


Why should I, in fear, abate

The breeze inside, not yet a gust

The twilight sky will my heart sate

Not simply an impending dusk


So I free my conflagration

Unravel in distempered squall

Blooming in deep red carnation

Coruscant in my cosmic hall


Then, all at once, my fires fade

These gales, no more can I sustain

In supernova, Heavens lade

But this one thing will still remain


In patient thaw, a flower blooms

The pyre reduced to cinder blush

The breeze will sing lethargic croons

Stelliform eyes, make my heart flush



The Good Seed

A pang of guilt sweeps over me

then, I take another bite

Like clockwork, it yanks my heart-strings

to my melody’s delight

I have been given the good seed

I’ve sown them into the night

By starlit wishes, these good things

sprouted, not without a fight

Now I pluck my fill from the tree

give excess to those with mite

But rebuke from all around rings:

“how dare you eat within sight

of those who seem to go hungry

though toiling with all their might”

Why should I not eat from well-springs

which flow from careful insight

Should we lay to rest all Beauty

starve everyone out of spite



All Systems Go

Sometimes you just don’t know

Sometimes you don’t wanna know

Sometimes it’s your heart

Sometimes you don’t know where to start

Take in the scene

Take in the gentle breeze

Don’t worry if it’s more

Life doesn’t stop for storms


All systems go

In a race for the stars

Towards a new home

A new ever after

All systems go

To your Infinite

Leaving cinders in your wake

Does it look like your dreams


You’ve come so far

You think you know where you are

Was collateral worth it?

Was this your vision of perfect?

Your feet never touched the ground

Did you have to fly to figure it out?

Did you answer all your questions?

With a broken bottle, where’s the message?


You have the stars to light the path

You’ll always have the photograph

The atmosphere is a fine line

Between discovery and finding yourself

The satellite that’s just out of reach

You watched when you stood on the beach

Transmissions are coming in clean…


Mayday, mayday

I seem to be floating off

Mayday, mayday

I still have the photograph

Mayday, mayday

I’ve lost sight, now I’m losing my mind

Mayday, mayday

No, I think I’ll be just fine

Mayday, mayday

Mayday, mayday



The Cadence of Hope

The mechanical resonance

that fills my bones

has me cracking.

Constructive frequency

chips away

at my shoulders and knees.

Rejection to critique

to the words

that no one speaks

that haunt me

that makes my courage


my visage


This is not pretty.

This is the ugly



But I keep getting up,

pushing forward,

moving on,

walk the line

the rhythm and rhyme

that don’t waste time

with “I’m not fine.”

Because I am.

I am good.

I mean I’m not,

but the place I’ve stood

is not hallowed ground

and it’s nothing profound

it’s nothing short

of white noise

and useless sound.


But I am a symphony

walking to the swing beat

that cascades from inside me

the one that sets my feet free

tells me I can be me

to keep on persevering

and in order to get me to sing,

it starts with something moving

gets my heart beating

the things I fear – fleeting

what held me back – deceiving

has no place – retreating

moving forward is freeing.


I walk to the cadence of Hope.