The Grand Ebb and Flow

There is a grand Ebb and Flow To all of Life and all we know I've not seen enough years to count More than fractions of all to which I shall amount And in my inexperience, I fight With seeing any of my limited hindsight And so, Lord, be my guide To walk this life... Continue Reading →

Dreamers & Sleepers

So reaper, if you can hear my voice//I'll warn you, you've got just one choice//You can leave me well alone or choose to take my poor soul//But for today, I live as a Dreamer, and rejoice


So I'll just tell you plainly, the smile is fake. So I'll replace it with a stiff upper lip and braced eyes. I'll be indifferent, if complacent, but faking's not fine.

Wake the Brigand

And when all is finally said and done Look back at the path you walked along Remember the places you dragged your feet From exhaustion or allowing yourself grace to be lazy On either side, you built the canyon walls Here and there, some sections were forced to fall From your echoed screaming tongue The... Continue Reading →

A Warrior’s Armor is His Weakness

When shades of ebullience dim and gray And all that was giddy And all that made fervor breathe and sway When all of that seems to depart and decay Call upon your heart's licentious spring Wink at the seasoned flirt The very thing that makes you sing The greenest greens and the most beautiful things  ... Continue Reading →

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