A Second’s Inspiration

Flipping each sheet one by one, he noticed a sparkle from the page he had been working on, which now appeared to be gilded on the edge as well. His eyes widened as he revealed the page, which appeared to be covered in oil-slick except for an outline where his hand and pen had been, which was now a silhouette of plain, off-white paper with a dot of smudged black where the ink had dripped. It bled into the slick and swirled into a mesmerizing, spiraling pattern. He dabbed the page with the paper towel he had been using to clean off his pen to see if the page was wet, but even after smearing and rubbing for a few seconds, the page seemed to be dry as a piece of plain paper could be.

A Bereft Aristocracy – The Naught

"No, I'm sorry sir. That simply won't do!" Rutherford always made a fuss when getting fitted for a suit, "The cummerbund is too tight and doesn't match my ascot! It isn't passable in the slightest! The banquet is tomorrow, and I can assure you that Lady Astonia shan't pardon me, therefore I shan't pardon you!... Continue Reading →

Mary Flyer

I loved flying kites when I was little... The way they bobbed and swayed upon invisible, tumultuous waves. The way they could be seen by friends, near and far, both close friends and formerly unknown folks, and silently call a gathering that would add to the fleet of flying vessels across the town. My mother... Continue Reading →

Buddy the Duckling

It was an absolutely spectacular day to be six years old. The sun was shining, a few fluffy clouds spotted the bright blue sky to give it a bit of texture, and there was a breeze that was just cool enough to raise the goosebumps on my arms. It was the kind of day that required a... Continue Reading →

She Loves Me

"She loves me... she loves me not... she loves me... she loves me not... uh oh..." and then I picked another daisy from the garden and continue, "She loves me... she loves me not... she loves me... she loves me not... SHE LOVES ME!" With the biggest grin a five-year-old is capable of, I held onto that... Continue Reading →

Divide and Conquer, My Love

I swear I'm not a romantic simply because it feels good. In fact, it has hurt me more than it has helped. But I refuse to let go of it. Mayhaps it's my youthful heart. Mayhaps it's immaturity. But today, the hurt is so real, and so worth it. Love is not a word to... Continue Reading →

Full Time

Yesterday, I received the email that I waited six long years to receive. It reads, "Dear Christopher Cleland, CONGRATULATIONS! Your Bachelor of Science in Engineering Degree has been posted to your Northern Arizona University academic record..." At first, I was pretty excited. And I mean that in a way where I was, at best, only... Continue Reading →

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